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Zodiac Pool Chemicals

Zodiac Swimming Pool & Spa Chemicals


Zodiac has a comprehensive chemical portfolio including popular lines as listed.

  • Premium Quality Stabilized Granular Chlorine: 2kg, 4kg, 10kg
  • Premium Quality Stabilized tablets: 1kg , 2kg, 10kg
  • Premium Quality Hydrochloric Acid 32%: 5L, 15L
  • Premium Quality Calcium Hardness Increaser 4kg
  • Premium Quality Block-Out Stabilizer: 2kg, 2kg tablet pack, 3kg
  • Premium Quality Clear Cubes
  • Spa Bromine 1kg tabs
  • Spa Sanitizer (lithium hypochlorite) 1kg
  • Spa Shock 1.25kg

Chemical Deliveries

At The Pool Centre Sydney we offer our customers the complete pool service. Whether you want a regular chlorine pour or delivery of any Pool & Spa chemicals we can accommodate your needs.
The Pool Centre Sydney has over 20 fully equipped service vehicles and technical expertise beyond any of our competitors and we offer same day service on most occasions. If you want your pool equipment installed today give The Pool Centre Sydney a call.

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