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Casual & Holiday Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

What We Do

Casual & Holiday Pool Cleaning

In addition to The Pool Centre Sydney’s regular pool maintenance services, we can also provide Non-Regular or Casual Pool Cleaning. The Pool Centre Sydney has technicians who are able to clean up any pool irrespective of its condition. Whether it is suffering from neglect or you simply need the pool tidied up for a weekend party, The Pool Centre Sydney’s service staff can clean your pool or spa promptly and professionally.

Servicing of pool equipment and chemical testing & balancing will also be undertaken at the same time to enhance your Clean Pool experience and ensure it stays that way for as long as possible. Of course for total peace of mind a Regular Pool Maintenance will ensure your pool stays clean at all times and at a reduced rate too!

Out of area services may attract a small supplemental fee in addition to the above charges. Just ask The Pool Centre’s friendly and knowledgeable staff at the time of booking.

Full Water Test and Balance

We test for all necessary chemical levels and balance the pool accordingly. If you do not have the required chemicals our servicemen can supply them.

Full Equipment Check

We conduct a full inspection of all pumps, filters, chlorinators, automatic pool cleaners, exposed plumbing and onsite cleaning equipment. If anything is broken we will repair immediately or provide a free quote for large repairs.

Skimmer & Pump Basket Clean

We empty and clean your pool skimmer and pump baskets removing any leaves or debri that have become trapped.

Filter Clean

We will backwash your sand filter or cleaning filter cartridge. We also replace diatomaceous earth if required.

Salt Cell / Chlorinator Clean

We will clean your salt cell or chlorinator injection point keeping it blockage free.

Removal of Surface Debris

We will remove all surface and suspended debris and brush down the walls, steps and swim-out area (if applicable). We can also conduct a full manual vacuum of the pool, if required, for a small additional fee.

Service Report on Completion

Once your service has been performed by our friendly experts, we'll provide you with a complete report on your pool for peace of mind.


Service Pricing


from $99.50 first 1/2 hour

then $24 per 15mins thereafter