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Viron XT Multi Speed High Efficiency Pump

Viron P320 XT & P520 XR Models


The Viron 320XT pump has three programmed speeds are factory preset and will suit most pools and applications. Each speed however, is able to be adjusted with a simple press of an up or down button.

The Viron 320XT pump is the ideal replacement for an existing 1.0hp or 1.5hp single speed pump. It is simply connected to your existing time clock or chlorinator and your professional pool shop will adjust the three speeds to ensure you achieve the highest possible energy savings while maintaining crystal clear water.

By increasing or decreasing the speed of the pump simply changes the flow rate by the same rate. However, the actual energy used to change the speed and flow varies dramatically. Halve the speed of your pump and the flow rate will also halve but, the energy consumed drops by more than 85%.

For larger pools, multiple spa jets, water features or in floor cleaning systems, a larger capacity pump may be required. For these applications, Astral Pool has developed the Viron 520XT Pump. A pump with an impressive 600 litres per minute flow rate.

The flagship Astral Pool pump incorporates an in built time clock and four timer periods for each day. A different speed can be saved to each timer period allowing the ultimate in flexibility. Special applications such as in floor cleaning or programming water features are enabled using the time clock and speed selection for different items of day.

The Viron 520XT eVo Pump is capable of the most demanding applications with high flow and high pressure all the while delivering the utmost in energy efficiency.

In addition the 520XT eVo incorporates electronic power factor correction which provides even further reductions in power consumption, even on maximum speed.


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