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Grades of Blanket


Why do Daisy Pool Blankets come in a range of thicknesses?

The thickness of PE material used to manufacture a solar pool blanket is the primary factor in its durability.

This is basically common sense and affects both resistance to normal operating ‘wear and tear’ and to degradation by UV radiation and corrosive pool chemicals. In order to offer pool blanket alternatives that balance initial cost with useful lifespan, Daisy manufactures its UltraDome™ Solar Pool Blankets in a range of thicknesses.

Daisy Solar Pool Blanket                              Blanket Thickness    Pro-Rata Warranty

UltraDome™ Series 3  3 – 4 year life expectancy     200 micron         3 years

UltraDome™ Series 4 ? 4 – 5 year life expectancy     300 micron         4 years

UltraDome™ Series 5?  5 – 6 year life expectancy     400 micron         5 years

UltraDome™ Series 8 ? 8 – 10 year life expectancy    500 micron         8 years

PLEASE NOTE: ‘Micron’ is an abbreviation of micrometre – one millionth of a metre. To put it into perspective, a human hair is around 100 microns in diameter.

Blanket thickness also determines the weight of the blanket.

Although it is quite feasible to manufacture a blanket from PE material thicker than 500 micron, it may well prove too heavy and rigid in larger pool sizes for convenient domestic use.

And of course, a solar pool blanket that is not relatively light to handle and easy to use is less likely to be used frequently and correctly – therefore lessening the potential benefits gained.

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