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Astral Rola Chem RC9 Series Liquid Dosing Chlorinators

RolaChem RC9, RC920/0 & RC920/5 Liquid Dosing Chlorination Systems


To keep your pool algae and bacteria free doesn’t have to be a daily task.

The RolaChem RC9 Series of automatic liquid doser controllers measure and dose chemicals to your pool on demand. They come in three different models depending on your needs.

  • RC920/5 measures and doses both Chlorine(ORP) & Acid(pH)
  • RC920/0 measures and doses Chlorine(ORP) only
  • RC90/5 measures and doses Acid(pH) only

These Automatic Chlorinators keep your pool at a consistent & balanced level so that it always looks great and is safe and healthy to swim in. It also reduces the amount of sanitizer used when dosing by hand and are able to be installed with a 60L storage drum for extra convenience.

Regular Chlorine Delivery

The Pool Centre Sydney can schedule a regular visit to top up your chemical storage drum so you don’t need to worry about running out!


The Pool Centre Sydney has a fully equipped workshop for chlorinator testing and repairs. We also can arrange your chlorinator to be sent to the manufacturer for refurbishment.


At The Pool Centre Sydney we offer our customers the complete pool service. Over 98% of customers are looking for an installed price on their pool equipment and this is where we differ from other pool shops.

The Pool Centre Sydney has over 20 fully equipped service vehicles and technical expertise beyond any of our competitors and we offer same day service on most occasions. If you want your pool equipment installed today give The Pool Centre Sydney a call.


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